Many walls in our towns and cities can be viewed as blank, featureless canvases that could provide excellent opportunities to create living designs. This was the inspiration that led me to develop an exterior tile cladding system, which controls and manipulates plant growth as a medium to create pattern. The tiles, which sit on top of existing living wall systems, aims to create visual harmony by allowing vegetation to better integrate into the urban environment.

Green or living walls are essentially vertical structures that are covered with vegetation. Patrick Blanc is arguably the founder of modern vertical gardens and credited with capturing the publics imagination in the 1990’s. Often living walls look effective from afar but up-close do not look sleek or well finished, my cladding aims to combine the look of contemporary architecture when creating green walls.

The ever-increasing government and local authority recognitions of findings, and with credible case studies from cities all over the world to the benefits on green walls, this is an area that has huge demand for design to re-address how the built environment can be better integrated into the natural environment through the use of building-intergraded vegetation.